What happens in an internet Minute in 2017?

this is what happens to internet every minute

In social media universe, there are no barriers to entry and almost infinite amounts of people have been a part of it. We chitchat with our friends on social media, share unlimited photos on Instagram, send hundreds of emails and share stories on snap chat unknowingly but do we really know how much we have drilled down in digital world. Do you want to know what happens every minute on the internet?

Every year Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan of Comulus Media comes up with an interestingly mindboggling graph that shows incredible scale of e-commerce, social media, email, and other content creation that happens on the web. Undoubtedly, all social media proliferation moves around content game. Content has titled to become a ‘winner take all’ scenario. No one has time to have a look on 46,200 posts uploaded on Instagram every minute. They naturally gravitate to the things that are already have social hype.

Google literally processes 3.5 million search queries every minutes while last year statistics unveils that Google processed 2.4 million searches every minute. In that span of time, 90,000 people login to Facebook and 452,000 tweets were made.

Here are full stats what happens every minute on internet:

  1. 3.5 million Search queries on Google
  2. 156 million Email sent
  3. 452,000 Twitter
  4. 120 new accounts created on Linked In
  5. 900,000 logins on Facebook
  6. 46,200 posts on Instagram
  7. 15,000 Gif’s sent
  8. 342,000 apps downloaded from Play Store
  9. 1.8 million Photos shared on Snapchat
  10. 16 million messages on Whatsapp
  11. 4.1 million Video uploaded on You Tube

That’s a lot of data every minutes and this big statistics is the proof that these all big companies are now processing and interpreting the big data more than even before.

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